London, October 2009: Studio Contemporary NYC showcases new work by Antonio Pio Saracino at PADLONDON. For the first time to be presented the Ray Sofa and the Molecular Chair.

The Ray Sofa is an exploration of the structural components found in the natural world and the ways in which they can find expression in design. Each “sofa” is constructed with a cellular assemblage of multiple strips of rubber foam and then coated with an elastic polymer skin.

This chair exists as a visual contradiction – it looks as hard as a gemstone, but in fact it is soft and comfortable. When viewed from above, the Ray Sofa is reminiscent of a composition of pixels and also resembles the way crystals are formed.

The Molecular Chair explores the relationship between scientific knowledge and expressive design. Technology has advanced to the extent that the micro and macro have become human in scale. The Molecular Chair is a visual representation of microscopic matter embodied in the shape of a baroque chair.

The chair is constructed from a wire-frame mesh covered with balls made from recycled wool in different sizes and colors, stitched together to create a comfortable chair.