DUBAI, UAE / Industry Gallery / Erastudio/ DESIGN DAYS DUBAI

Dubai, March 2013: Fair Director for Design Days Dubai, Cyril Zammit, states: “The second edition of Design Days Dubai will see an increased diversity in works, as we have 29 galleries presenting modern and contemporary creations from over 135 designers. This variety will extend to the accompanying talks, workshops and installations, both on and off-site, as demonstrated by the collaboration with Antonio Pio Saracino (represented by Industry Gallery and Erastudio at Design Days Dubai) at Bloomingdale’s Home-Dubai. We look forward to experiencing the installation, and hope more of the public will engage with design through seeing Antonio’s work.”

Saracino presented at the Design Fair his work with Industry Gallery from Washinghton DC and Los Angeles and Erastudio from Milan, Italy.

Erastudio presented the Deer Chair which recalls the ribcage and antlers of a deer. The chair is made from one sheet of mirror-polished stainless steel and it is folded in a complex shape system. The complexity of the structure enhances the idea of a form that is inside-out, and as result it strengthens the seat itself. Less material where the seat meets the back of the chair allows for more flexibility.

Industry Gallery presented the Molecular Chair which explores the relationship between scientific knowledge and design. Technology has advanced to the extend that the micro and macro have become human in scale.

The Molecular Chair is a visual representation of microscopic matter embodied in the shape of a baroque chair.  The chair is constructed from a wire-frame mesh covered with balls made from recycled wool in different sizes and colors, stitched together to create a comfortable chair.