NEW YORK CITY, International Contemporary Furniture Fair

New York City, May, 2010: Antonio Pio Saracino showcases new limited-edition furniture: the Blossom Chair and the Cervo Chair manufactured by WPS in New York.

The Cervo Chair is shaped from thin strips of bentwood, recalling the ribcage and antlers of a deer. The chair is an exploration of the use of traditional plywood in a complex shape system.

The complexity of the structure enhances the idea of a form that is inside-out, and as result it strengthens the seat itself. Less material where the seat meets the back of the chair allows for more flexibility.

The Blossom Chair consists of a flexible structure in which the seat and back curl toward each other. The shape slightly closes when someone sits on the chair, and springs back when vacant.

The organic shape, resembling four petals, adjusts to the human body, ergonomically changing depending on which part of the body exerts the most pressure.