GATE 150

GATE 150 

Category: Completed Project / Temporary Installation

Location: Museo Carraffa, Cordoba Argentina

MuBE Museo de Scultura, Sao Paulo Brazil

Industry Gallery, Washington DC

Medium: Styrofoam, Paint, Glue

Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 3’

Edition: 3 Editions in the same size

Client: Museum and Gallery Commission

Year Completed: 2012

Art in Public Places: Yes / Museum Open to the Public

Public Art Program: Museum Exhibition Commission

Description:  GATE 150 was designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Reminiscent of a triumphal arch, GATE 150 calls attention to the masses of Italians who have emigrated to the world over time by incorporating centuries of population data.  The graphically rendered data takes a three-dimensional shape, forming the uneven layers of the monument’s structure. GATE is a portal symbolizing departure from the familiar and entrance into the unknown. The project celebrates the Italian generations emigrated to the world bringing the Italian culture in the world. The Arch symbolizes this openness towards the internationalization of Italy in the world. Two arches were presented at Industry Gallery in Washington, D.C., and a single gate, specifically representing Italian immigration to South America, was installed in both the Caraffa Museum in Cordoba and in the MuBE Museum in Sao Paulo.