Category: Completed Project / Temporary Installation

Location: Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles

Medium: Wood, Paint

Dimensions: 7’ Diam

Edition: Unique Edition in this size

Client:  Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles

Year Completed: 2011

Art in Public Places: Cultural Institution Open to Public

Public Art Program: Art Curator /Direct Commission

Description:  The Globe, a 7-foot sphere formed by linked red wooden posts, is a three-dimensional diagram that visualizes a map of our new digital world, in contrast to the territories of the physical globe. The shape was created using an algorithm for identifying connection points on a sphere. The points at which the posts connect on “The Globe” represent the largest cities in the world and the non-physical connections taking place between them. This project presents a new globe that exists outside geographical space—leaving the map behind and focusing on the connections taking place between virtual and physical space.